Work Package 7

Innovation outreach, impact, communication and exploitation

Work Package 7 is led by UNIPD and ensures that project objectives, milestones and societal impacts are communicated strategically in order to reach stakeholders and the general public. Dissemination of the CooCE concept can foster effective dialogue with local stakeholders, who have the important role to help identify barriers and opportunities of the project as a whole. Implementation of stakeholder feedback will maximise the outreach and applicability of the results outside of the project scope. Activities of WP7 include events between CooCE partners to foster exchange and innovation, presentations addressed to end-users in settings such as workshops and conferences, site visits to demo pilot scales, and involvement in events in collaboration with local stakeholders. With this aim, a survey has recently been launched for stakeholders to assess CO2 capture and utilisation technologies as valuable tools for the management of carbon-rich waste streams. The survey is available here and is open until August 30th.

In addition to dissemination initiatives at events and in social media, WP7 is also in charge of managing the CooCE training programme, aimed at enriching professional curricula in the industrial and corporate fields, focusing on the transfer of knowledge in CCUS technologies from research to partners and stakeholders.

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