Work Package 5

Sustainability analysis and socio-economic impact

WP5 led by Imperial College in collaboration with all partners is working on the integrated sustainability assessment that involves four main assessments. WP5 has been working with partners to gather the data of the processes for the production of biomethane, succinic acid and polymers. The database includes the amount of CO2 that is currently captured as well as other data that are used in the processes including the energy consumption for the environmental assessment that will use a LCA.

The socio-economic and policy assessment is currently reviewing all the policies that are involved in the CCUS and circular economy in the EU and in the UK. This is related to the stakeholders assessment which included the organisation of a  workshop at the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition on June 8th in Bologna. A survey was prepared to disseminate with stakeholders at the conference and also among the partners. This will help to produce the Social Environmental Assessment.  The economic assessment will be conducted later once the partners move from the laboratory level to a pilot level.

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