Work Package 2

Biomethane production and evaluation of target applications

Initially, Deliverable 2.1 entitled “D2.1 Online repository of CO2 sources from various industrial sites” was delivered. The objective of this repository is to create an extensive and detailed source of information, which will serve as a valuable tool providing data on CO2 emissions at national and global level for different industrial sectors and sub-sectors. The laboratory experiments of Task 2.2 have been completed, aiming to identify the most efficient conditions for lab-scale CO2 hydrogenation. Two critical parameters were tested, namely the packing material and the gas retention time of H2/CO2 gas mixture. In respect to the Task 2.3 Validation of the process under intermittent H2 provision, the two TBR that were previously described were used for the experimental procedures. Test campaigns were performed, during which the provision of external gas mixture was interrupted for periods ranging from 1 to 5 weeks. Finally, we have initiated the Task 2.4 Process optimization in prototype systems based on microbial resource management. The validation of the optimal biomethanation process will be conducted in a pilot scale TBR.

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