Relative Projects

Demonstration of a mobile unit hybrid energy storage based on CO2 and renewable energy sources

Develop and demonstrate an innovative, integrated, and sustainable industrial process for simultaneous energy storage and CO2 capture and utilization (CCU)


LIFE CO2toCH4 aims to construct, test and operate (TRL8) a smart mobile unit for hybrid energy storage able to be installed in remote energy systems that commonly have low capacity (e.g., remote areas or islands that are not interconnected with the central energy grid).

Demonstrate an ex-situ freestanding process able to treat exhaust gases
Maximize the efficiency of methanation by developing technically advanced systems and control architectures based on microbial resource management
Promote public awareness on climate change mitigation, circular economy concepts and reduction of CO2 emissions


The overall objective of CRONUS is to develop, assess and test 5 new integrated and sustainable technological solutions for highly efficient biogenic effluent gases CUS within the biofuels value chain.

Capture and Utilisation of CO2 from a biofuels biorefinery that include biomass combustion, ethanolic fermentation and anaerobic digestion via autotrophic algae growth
Biological CO2 hydrogenation for biomethane production
Syngas Biomethanation
Biogenic carbon storage through biochar production
Anaerobic digestion system coupled with a microbial electrolysis cell (MEC)

Capture and Reuse Of biogenic gases for Negative-emission – sustainable biofUelS

CRONUS addresses the current gaps in biofuels production, namely the carbon waste and biogenic effluent gases

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