Poster Presentation in National Conference by Serna-García et. al. 2022

Serna-García R., Orellana E., Bucci L., Favaro L., Müller B., Morosinotto T., Seco A., Bouzas A., Treu L., Campanaro S. Biogas upgrading and polyhydroxyalcanoates production from CO2 capture by Cupriavidus necator. Spanish national conference, Young Water Professionals Conference, International Water Association, Valencia, Spain 16-19 November 2022.

CooCE partners involved: UNIPD, BTS

During the III National Young Water Professionals Conference from International Water Association held in Valencia, Dr. Serna-García presented a study on CCU techniques for bioplastics production in the context of the CooCE Project. The work was carried out in collaboration with the University of Padova and BTS Biogas s.r.l. A poster was presented showcasing the research, which highlighted the importance of efficient CO2 capture for high bioplastic production and for closing carbon loops in a circular economy approach. The conference provided a valuable opportunity to connect with peers and learn about new research in the water sector.

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