Peer reviewed Publication by Vigato et al. 2022

F. Vigato, I. Angelidaki, J.M. Woodley, M. Alvarado-Morales. Dissolved CO2 profile in Bio-Succinic acid production from sugars-rich industrial waste. 2022. Biochemical Engineering Journal, 187.

CooCE partner involved: DTU

One of the COOCE’s latest publications regards succinic acid production from sugar-rich industrial waste & biogas (CH4 and CO2) to lower SA production costs, use industrially emitted CO2 and exploit waste which otherwise would require costly disposal. The study led by DTU examines the impact of CO2 availability on succinic acid (SA) fermentation, with a focus on the effect of pressure. Using a gas mixture of CH4 and CO2 to simulate biogas composition and industrial waste rich in sugars as feedstock, the study found that a headspace gas pressure of 1.4 atm significantly increased the yield, productivity, and CO2 fixation rate of SA. These results highlight the importance of CO2 in SA fermentation and offer a promising approach to using biogas and industrial waste as sustainable sources for SA production.

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