Peer reviewed Publication by Ghiotto et al., 2024

Ghiotto G., De Bernardini N., Giangeri G., Tsapekos P., Gaspari M., Kougias P.G., Campanaro S., Angelidaki I., Treu L., 2024. From microbial heterogeneity to evolutionary insights: A strain-resolved metagenomic study of H2S-induced changes in anaerobic biofilms. Chemical Engineering Journal, 485, 149824. CooCE partner involved: UNIPD, DTU, ELGO

A study recently published by UNIPD, DTU and ELGO partners on Chemical Engineering Journal illustrates the selective pressure mechanisms in a methanogenic culture exposed to high H2S levels in a trickle-bed reactor. The study revealed that prolonged H2S exposure induced selection of mutations in sulfur-oxidizing bacteria, and demonstrated effective coupling of desulfurization with biomethanation in microaerophilic conditions. These results open new routes for enhancing biomethanation yields and mitigating the adverse effects of H2S, as well as giving perspectives for investigating strategies to circumvent the detrimental effects of other toxicants. Check out the paper here.

Link to the DOI here.

Link to LinkedIn post here.

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