Peer reviewed Publication by De Bernardini et al. 2022

De Bernardini N., Basile A., Zampieri G., Kovalovszki A., De Diego Diaz B., Offer E., Wongfaed N., Angelidaki I., Kougias P.G., Campanaro S., Treu, L. Integrating metagenomic binning with flux balance analysis to unravel syntrophies in anaerobic CO2 methanation. 2022. Microbiome, 10(1), 1-18

CooCE partners involved: ELGO, UNIPD, DTU

De Bernardini et al. 2022 studied the predominant microbiome and the dynamics of the species interaction in the biofilm generated during the biogas upgrading. Using genome-guided metabolic reconstruction and flux balance analysis, the authors propose a biological role for the dominant microbes. The authors found five dominant species (> 70% of total abundance) and investigated the interplay between them. Flux balance analysis provided a deeper insight into the potential syntrophic interaction between species, especially Limnochordia sp. GSMM975 and Methanothermobacter wolfeii GSMM957. Finally, they found species interactions to be based on formate and amino acids exchanges. This study provides crucial insights into the dynamics of biofilm species interactions and is an important step forward for the biogas upgrading process.

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