Oral Presentation in International Conference by Serna-García et. al. 2023b

Serna-García R., Liberatore C., Bucci L., Favaro L., Müller B., Morosinotto T., Seco A., Bouzas A., Treu L., Campanaro S. CO2 conversion into biomethane and polyhydroxybutyrate by Cupriavidus necator. 31st European Biomass Conference. 5-8 June 2023.

CooCE partner involved: UNIPD, BTS

During the 31st European Biomass Conference held in Bologna, Dr. Serna García presented the work on the exploitation of the bacterium Cupriavidus necator for the double application of biogas upgrading and PHA production. The research was carried out in the University of Padova as part of the CooCE Project and has been presented at this conference highlighting the potential of the autotrophic metabolism of Cupriavidus necator for an efficient CO2 capture and the simultaneous production of valuable products like biomethane and PHA, in a context of circular economy. Other people working on the CooCE project presented at the conference, strengthening existing collaborations and connecting with other scientists.

Link to conference website here.

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