Oral Presentation in International Conference by Serna-García et. al. 2023a

Serna-García R., Collura F., Favaro L., Morosinotto T., Seco A., Bouzas A., Treu L., Campanaro S. Evaluating the potential of transforming CO2 into value added products: biomethane and polyhydroxybutyrate. 2nd Greenering International Conference 21-23 March 2023.

CooCE partner involved: UNIPD

During the 2nd Greenering International Conference held in Valladolid, Dr. Serna García presented the work on CO2 capture using bacteria and cyanobacteria for biomethane and PHA production. The research was carried out in the University of Padova as part of the CooCE Project. The presentation highlighted the potential of using biological methods for efficient CO2 capture and the simultaneous production of valuable products like biomethane and PHA. The conference provided an excellent platform for networking and sharing innovative ideas on sustainable technologies.

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