Oral Presentation in International Conference by Morlino et al. 2024a

Morlino, M.S., Serna-García, R., Spatola Rossi, T., Santin, A., Morosinotto, T., Treu, L., and Campanaro, S. “Cupriavidus necator as an efficient utilizer of anaerobic digestion residues for polyhydroxyalkanoate production”. Young Water Professionals European Conference 2024, 16-19 June 2024, Copenhagen (Denmark).
CooCE partners involved: UNIPD

Our partners at UniPD, represented by PhD student Maria Silvia Morlino, contributed to the first Young Water Professionals European Conference (#ywpeur24), held in Copenhagen from 16th to 19th June 2024. This conference was focused on water technologies for sustainable development, with significant contributions in the field of anaerobic digestion. The contribution of UniPD regarded the latest results obtained within the CooCE project for CO2 fixation and polyhydroxyalkanoate production, including the demonstration of CO2 fixation with the pilot unit developed by BTS Biogas. The conference was an excellent opportunity for showcasing a bioprocess that can produce new value chains to be integrated into a circular bioeconomy concept.

Link to conference website here.

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