Oral Presentation in International Conference by Gaspari et. al. 2023

Gaspari M Conference 2023-1

Gaspari M., Chatzis A., Orellana E., Treu L., Kontogiannopoulos K.N., Campanaro S., Anastasios Z.I., Kougias P.G. Metagenomic analysis on hydrogen assisted carbon dioxide fixation for biomethane production. 10th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management.

CooCE partner involved: ELGO, UNIPD

During the 10th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management, ELGO-DIMITRA team presented the findings from their study on the influence of different packing materials on the biomethanation efficiency of trickle bed reactors. This investigation, conducted as part of the CooCE Project at ELGO-DIMITRA, underscored the critical role of packing material selection in the biomethanation process. The study compared the effectiveness of organic and inorganic options. Additionally, in order to shed light on the impact of the packing material on the microbial community, a metagenomic analysis was performed, including samples from both biofilm and liquid phases.

Link to conference website here.

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