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Oral Presentation in International Conference by Morlino et al. 2024b

Morlino, M.S., Serna-García, R., Demo, M., Porqueddu, I., Mueller, B., Favaro, L., Morosinotto, T., Campanaro, S., and Treu, L. “Bioconversion of anaerobic digestion products to biomass and polyhydroxyalkanoates with Cupriavidus necator”. 11th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management, 19-22 June 2024, Rhodes (Greece). CooCE partners involved: UNIPD, BTS CooCE

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Oral Presentation in International Conference by Morlino et al. 2024a

Morlino, M.S., Serna-García, R., Spatola Rossi, T., Santin, A., Morosinotto, T., Treu, L., and Campanaro, S. “Cupriavidus necator as an efficient utilizer of anaerobic digestion residues for polyhydroxyalkanoate production”. Young Water Professionals European Conference 2024, 16-19 June 2024, Copenhagen (Denmark).CooCE partners involved: UNIPD Our partners at UniPD, represented by PhD

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Fifth CooCE progress meeting

The fifth progress meeting of CooCE, marking the penultimate gathering prior to the project’s ending, convened virtually on May 13, 2024. The Research and Project Steering committees convened to deliberate upon the project’s advancements. Through this call, the final procedural measures and rectification strategies requisite for the realization of the

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Peer reviewed Publication by Ghiotto et al., 2024

Ghiotto G., De Bernardini N., Giangeri G., Tsapekos P., Gaspari M., Kougias P.G., Campanaro S., Angelidaki I., Treu L., 2024. From microbial heterogeneity to evolutionary insights: A strain-resolved metagenomic study of H2S-induced changes in anaerobic biofilms. Chemical Engineering Journal, 485, 149824. CooCE partner involved: UNIPD, DTU, ELGO A study recently

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Peer reviewed Publication by Serna García et al., 2024

A new publication showcasing CooCE results is out on Bioresource Technology! The study led by UniPD aims at testing the optimal growth parameters of Cupriavidus necator to enable its utilization of CO2 from mimicked and real biogas. Crucially, basal PHA production from CO2 in the presence of real biogas was

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Fourth CooCE progress meeting

The fourth progress meeting of CooCE, which marks two years since project kick-off, was held on the 07th December 2023. The Research and Project Steering committees, with the contribution of young researchers, discussed the advances of the project. Some adjustments were implemented according to the feedback from the midterm evaluation.

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Peer reviewed Publication by Morlino et al. 2023

Morlino, M.S., Serna García, R., Savio, F., Zampieri, G., Morosinotto, T., Treu, L., Campanaro, S., 2023. Cupriavidus necator as a platform for polyhydroxyalkanoate production: An overview of strains, metabolism, and modeling approaches. Biotechnology Advances 69, 108264. CooCE partner involved: UniPD The facultative chemolithotroph Cupriavidus necator is employed in the CooCE

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UniPD contribution to ECOMONDO exhibition

In November 2023, UniPD and BTS Biogas brought the latest advancements related to WP4 of the CooCE project at Ecomondo, in Rimini, Italy. Recent results obtained by Flavio Collura, Maria Silvia Morlino, and Anna Santin, in collaboration with BTS Biogas, were presented. Ecomondo is an international exhibition focused on circular

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Peer reviewed Publication by Lithourgidis et al., 2023

Lithourgidis, A.A., Kotsopoulos, T.A., Kalamaras, S.D., Skiadas, I.V., Kuglarz, M., Vigato, F., Alvarado-Morales, M. and Angelidaki, I., 2023. Bio-succinic acid production, up to pilot scale, by fermentation of industrial candy waste with Actinobacillus succinogenes 130Z and its downstream purification process. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 11(5), 110920 CooCE partner involved:

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ACT Knowledge Sharing Workshop

We had the fantastic opportunity to share the concept and status of the CooCE project at the ACT 7th Knowledge Sharing Workshop, which was held in Paris on 4th-5th October, 2023. The workshop was joined by ACT3 and ACT4 project members and CCUS stakeholders, and served as an occasion to

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