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Seminar at Summer School by Dr. Kougias in 2022

In the Summer School of MIKROBIOKOSMOS 2022, held in Argalasti Pelion (Greece) from 4-8 July 2022, Dr. P.G. Kougias gave a presentation on the microbial “black box” of anaerobic digestion for bioenergy production. The session was led by the CooCE partner ELGO, involved in deciphering the complex microbial interactions in

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Oral Presentation in International Conference by Serna-García et. al. 2023

Serna-García R., Collura F., Favaro L., Morosinotto T., Seco A., Bouzas A., Treu L., Campanaro S. Evaluating the potential of transforming CO2 into value added products: biomethane and polyhydroxybutyrate. 2nd Greenering International Conference 21-23 March 2023. CooCE partner involved: UNIPD During the 2nd Greenering International Conference held in Valladolid, Dr.

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Poster Presentation in National Conference by Serna-García et. al. 2022

Serna-García R., Orellana E., Bucci L., Favaro L., Müller B., Morosinotto T., Seco A., Bouzas A., Treu L., Campanaro S. Biogas upgrading and polyhydroxyalcanoates production from CO2 capture by Cupriavidus necator. Spanish national conference, Young Water Professionals Conference, International Water Association, Valencia, Spain 16-19 November 2022. CooCE partners involved: UNIPD,

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Oral Presentation in International Conference by Evans et. al. 2022

Evans Y. and Diaz-Chavez R. Engaging Social Actors for Acceptance of the Bioeconomy 30th European Biomass Conference , online 9-12 May 2022. CooCE partner involved: ICL Imperial College as CooCE partner presented virtually the work on increasing public awareness about biofuels and bioeconomy at 30th European Biomass Conference. Dissemination was

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Peer reviewed Publication by Vigato et al. 2022

F. Vigato, I. Angelidaki, J.M. Woodley, M. Alvarado-Morales. Dissolved CO2 profile in Bio-Succinic acid production from sugars-rich industrial waste. 2022. Biochemical Engineering Journal, 187. CooCE partner involved: DTU One of the COOCE’s latest publications regards succinic acid production from sugar-rich industrial waste & biogas (CH4 and CO2) to lower SA

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Peer reviewed Publication by De Bernardini et al. 2022

De Bernardini N., Basile A., Zampieri G., Kovalovszki A., De Diego Diaz B., Offer E., Wongfaed N., Angelidaki I., Kougias P.G., Campanaro S., Treu, L. Integrating metagenomic binning with flux balance analysis to unravel syntrophies in anaerobic CO2 methanation. 2022. Microbiome, 10(1), 1-18 CooCE partners involved: ELGO, UNIPD, DTU De

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Second CooCE progress meeting

The second progress meeting of CooCE was held online on the 22th November 2022 and aimed to follow the project progress. The Research and the Project Steering Committees are closely monitoring the scientific and technical objectives and activities ongoing. The close collaboration between research institutes and industries is ensuring stable

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CCUS Conference and ACT knowledge sharing workshop

The CCUS Conference and ACT knowledge sharing workshop was held on the 8, 9 and 10 June in Rotterdam. On the frame of Development, Challenges and Opportunities for CCUS in Europe’s fight against climate change the Norwegian Embassy in The Hague, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and

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First CooCE progress meeting

The first progress meeting of CooCE held online on the 20th May 2022 discussing progress and future perspectives was very productive. The Research Committee meeting, restricted to the Work Package Leaders and the Project Coordinator, ensured that the project scientific and technical objectives and activities were successfully accomplished in a

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