The Netherlands

Current government strategy for CCUS

  • CCUS important technology for reducing CO2 emissions in industry
  • Large-scale deployment of CCS before 2030
  • De-risking CCUS projects by providing financial support
  • Subsidy only where no cost-effective alternatives for CCS exist
  • Fossil CCS is a transition technology, but CO2 storage is necessary for negative emissions

Deployment policies and programmes in place

  • Subsidy scheme for CO2 reduction in industry (SDE++), covers unprofitable top (total cost for capture, transport and storage minus ETS price and national CO2-levy) for a period of 15 years.
  • CCUS feasibility studies (pre-FEED) and FEED studies (subsidy)
  • Subsidies for R&D programmes
  • EU (CEF, Innovation Fund)

Priorities going forward

  • Successful realization of the first projects
  • Issues relating to nitrogen deposits (permitting)

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