Key climate policy targets

  • 85 % reduction target by 2045, baseline 1990, after 2045 negative emissions
  • CCS is an important technology to reduce emissions in otherwise hard-to-abate sectors
  • Bio-CCS is important as supplementary measure, most likely the biggest source – large potential of at least 10 million tonnes p.a. 2030

Government actions and assignments CCS

  • National centre for CCS as a part of the Swedish Energy Agency
  • Treaty with Norway – London protocol
  • Reporting and accounting (Swedish Energy Agency & The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency)

Deployment policies and programmes in place

  • The Industrial Leap shall support huge and complex technology leaps, focusing on carbon dioxide-intensive industries, long term 2018-2040. 70 million €/year 2020-2022 whereof 10 million €/year to bio-CCS.
  • Support scheme for bio-CCS. Reverse auctions first auction 2023.

Priorities going forward

Reporting and accounting, Article 6, facilitate a market for CDR-all connected.

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