Key climate policy targets

  • Achieve carbon neutrality in 2050
  • Reduce Japan’s GHG emissions by 46% in FY2030 from its FY2013 level

CCS long-term roadmap

  • Tentative target: 120-240 million tons stored by 2050, or an increase of 6 – 1.2 million tons annually from 2030
  • Improve a business environment toward the start of CCS business by 2030

Deployment policies and programs in place

  • Enhance JOGMEC’s functions through an amendment to the JOGMEC act last year
  • Investment and debt guarantee services for CCS and geological surveys
  • R&Ds on monitoring systems for injected CO2, capture technologies,
    liquefied CO2 transportation through NEDO
  • Support of development and operation of advanced CCS projects that can be models for other projects

Priorities going forward

Developing legal frameworks for CCS business:

  • Leveraging Asia CCUS Network to establish CCUS market in Asia and develop import/export mechanisms for CO2
  • Establish liquefied CO2 ship transportation technology

Map of the selected projects and companies

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