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Imperial College London, through its Centre for Environmental Policy, Faculty of Natural Sciences, operates across the whole University to bring together experts from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. It has a very strong presence in policy formation and guidance within the UK, the EU and internationally. Imperial College has contributed to various projects in the UK, EU and other regions, carrying out their environmental and socio-economic sustainability assessment, as well as policy assessment (UK, EU, FAO, ICTT). Imperial College has also collaborated on EU-funded bio-refinery projects (e.g. BIOCORE, EUbioref, BEST, Biobench, BIORESCUE, COSMOS and BIOMATES). In addition, the IC team has advised the UK government on relevant issues and is currently a member of the European Biofuels Technology Platform, having represented the UK in the IEA Task40 Biomass Trade. Dr. Rocio Diaz-Chavez is the PI of the group and developed a socio-economic assessment methodology that she employed in several projects. The method includes a combined use of Social Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA). Dr. Diaz-Chavez has also developed an expertise on biomass energy systems, sustainability assessment, bioenergy trade and policy analysis that are highly relevant to CooCE. Other project participants include Dr Yara Evans who works on socio-economic assessment ; Dr Sara Giarola who works on the area of techno-economic analysis; process and supply chain optimisation and life cycle assessment.; Prof.  Nilay Shah works on energy systems modeling, biobased process systems among other areas in Chemical Engineering.

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