Hellenic Agricultural Organization – Dimitra (ELGO)
Research Institute

ELGO – Dimitra

Hellenic Agricultural Organization – Dimitra (ELGO) is the national body responsible for the agricultural research and technology in Greece. The total number of permanent staff is 700, including researchers, technical, administrative and financial personnel. ELGO consists of specialized scientific staff of significant research capacities with modern laboratory and field infrastructure at their disposal. The members undertaking the current proposal belong to the Waste Management and Bioprocessing Lab (WMB) of the Soil & Water Resources Institute (SWRI).

Waste Management and Bioprocessing Laboratory aims to conduct fundamental and applied research in emerging technologies related with the exploitation of organic waste(water) to produce green energy and high market value bio-based products. The Lab develops innovative bioprocesses that contribute to the development of a circular bioeconomy model ensuring sufficiency of natural resources and reduction of economic and environmental costs. WMB collaborates closely with private and public institutions as well as with universities in Greece and abroad to apply and validate the research results under real-life conditions. Finally, WMB has active coordination and participation in several national and international research projects, including PRIMA, Horizon2020, Horizon-EU and Life+.

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