Flash Oral Presentation in International Conference by Serna-García et. al. 2022

Serna-García R., Orellana E., Bucci L., Favaro L., Müller B., Morosinotto T., Seco A., Bouzas A., Campanaro S., Treu L. Biologically-mediated CO2 capture by Cupriavidus necator for polyhydroxyalcanoates production and biogas upgrading EFB Spring Congress, Barcelona, España (online), European Federation of Biotechnology.  10-13 May 2022.

CooCE partners involved: UNIPD, BTS

During the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) Spring Congress, Dr. Serna-García presented virtually the use of Cupriavidus necator for both CO2 uptake from biogas and production of bioplastic PHA, resulting in the removal of greenhouse gasses and value-added bioplastic production. Efficient CO2 capture is crucial for high bioplastic production and circular economy practices. Various growth conditions were evaluated, revealing H2 as the limiting factor for complete CO2 capture and biogas utilization. This study represents a significant step towards sustainable development, with efforts such as this facilitating efficient CO2 capture and reduction of emissions to achieve CO2 neutrality.

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