Euronewpack s.r.l.

Euronewpack s.r.l.

Euronewpack s.r.l. was founded in 1995 and is a company specialized in the production of packaging in wood, cardboard, polystyrene and polyethylene, for the delivery of custom products. From 2020 the group owns four industrial plants and has 78 employees with an economical turnover around 10M€. It provides innovative, tailor-made services, satisfying every technical and operational need of customers. The company was born from the experience of qualified professionals with the aim of solving problems inherent to the protection of the product during transport. The high specialized technical competences and the respect for the environment led to develop the R&D branch of Euronewpack. The packaging solutions developed are the result of a careful selection of the most innovative and performing tools and materials in the field of packaging. Safety, protection, human value and respect for the environment are the key points of the innovative drive that projects the company into the future. In 2018 Euronewpack opened a new factory in Croatia to ensure a punctual and competitive service to customers in Eastern Europe; moreover, Euronewpack plans to open a new daughter company in Italy with the specific focus on food packaging using environmentally friendly materials.

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