CooCE kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of CooCE was held virtually via the Zoom platform on Monday 29th November 2021 with the aim to establish a detailed overview of the tasks and foster engagement between the partners as well. The meeting was organized by the project manager Prof. Tomas Morosinotto with the participation of 20 members from the partners organizations and ACT representative. The meeting was focused on the main objectives of the project and a brief presentation of the capacities provided by each beneficiary towards the successful implementation of the project. Representatives from each beneficiary presented the tasks of responsibility for his/her group with a short explanation on the way that the successful outcome will be achieved. The following report summarizes the presentations of the partners carried out during the meeting and specific topics that were highlighted during the discussion section.

The discussion section of the kick-off meeting which followed the presentations, was very constructive and several subjects were raised. Among the main aspects discussed there was the PHA yield for the photobioreactors, details regarding the reactors that will be used for succinic acid productions at DTU and some details regarding the organization of the sustainability analysis. The CooCE kick-off meeting has pointed a strong first step for the implementation of the project. Presentations by the representatives of each partner were held, contributing to a step understanding each action of the project. Discussion section added valuable input to the implementation of the project as various subjects and questions concerning the following steps were documented.

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