BTS Biogas s.r.l.

BTS Biogas s.r.l.

BTS BIOGAS is an Italian company, producing biogas and biomethane in several countries, with offices located in Italy, US, UK and France. The firm has had a leading role in the renewable energy market for over 25 years, with more than 250 plants in the world and currently directly involved in the development and construction of new or revamping of existing plants, in Europe and the US. The company is specialized in anaerobic digestion processes, from the development to the construction, up to the management and maintenance of agricultural, agro-industrial and forestry biogas plants. It promotes the circular economy and the optimal disposal of waste and by-products of the food industry and of the organic fraction of urban waste, encouraging a rational use and processing of raw materials. Moreover, the by-products can be used for the production of soil improvers, organic fertilizers and carbon dioxide for food use. With these premises, BTS BIOGAS is committed to exploiting anaerobic digestion as a guide for an ecological transition.

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